The Structure Of The Bag Filter

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Bag Filter is a pressure-type filter device, mainly filter cylinder, filter tube cover and quick-open mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforcement network and other main components, filtrate by the filter shell of the lateral inlet pipe into the filter bag, the filter bag itself is the device in the strengthening of the basket, liquid infiltration of the need for fineness grade filter bag that can obtain qualified filtrate, impurities particles are filter bag interception. The Machine replacement filter bag is very convenient, filter basic no material consumption.

Bag filter has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, good sealing property, strong circulation ability, easy operation and so on. Especially the filter bag side leakage probability is small, can correctly guarantee the filtration accuracy, and can change the filter bag quickly, causes the operation cost to descend. The internal and external surface of the filter adopts mechanical sandblasting polishing to solve, average and easy to clean. We know that the filtering method adopted by the bag filter is the lateral approach, or the method of side-bottom out, through the pressure in the pipeline will filter liquid medium pressure into the bag-type filter barrel body, to filter the liquid medium through the electro-polishing punching support Filter Lanchento filter bag filter, the change of solid liquid to reach the liquid medium is filtered results.

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