How To Use The Filter Bag

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Filter Airtight Filtration: Filter bag and matching filter used at the same time, using the system fluid pressure, the liquid squeeze through the filter bag, in order to achieve the purpose of filtration. It has the advantages of fast flow rate, large processing capacity and long service life of filter bag, especially suitable for the occasion of airtight filtration of large flow.

Self-opening filtration: The filter bag is connected directly with the pipe through the suitable joint, and the fluid gravity pressure difference is filtered. Its notable feature is that no equipment investment, simple and feasible filtration, especially suitable for small size, a variety of kinds, intermittent economic liquid filtration.

Bag-Type dust remover is a dry-type filter. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry and non fiber dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or nonwoven felt, and the filter of the fiber fabric is used to filter the dust-containing gas, when the dust gas into the bag-type dust catcher, particles large, than the major dust, due to the role of gravity settling down, fall into the ash bucket, containing a small dust in the filter through the gas, dust is blocked, so that the gas purification. The dust removal efficiency of the general new filter material is not high enough. Filter material used for a period of time, due to screen filtration, collision, stagnation, diffusion, electrostatic effect, filter bag surface accumulated a layer of dust, this layer of dust is called the first layer, in the subsequent movement process, the initial layer became the filter material of the main filter layer, depending on the role of the first layer, the larger mesh hole filter material can also obtain higher filtration efficiency. With the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter, the efficiency and resistance of the precipitator are correspondingly increased, when the pressure on both sides of the filter material is very big, some of the fine dust particles that have been attached to the filter material will be squeezed in the past, so that the efficiency of the precipitator is reduced. In addition, the high resistance of dust remover will reduce the air volume of dust removal system significantly. As a result, the resistance of the dust catcher reaches a certain value and the dust must be cleared in time. Dust can not destroy the initial layer, so as not to reduce efficiency.

The structure of bag-type dust collector is mainly composed of upper box, middle box, lower box (Ash bucket), ash removal system and ash discharging mechanism.

The performance of bag-type dust remover, in addition to the correct selection of filter bag material, the ash-cleaning system plays a decisive role in the bag filter. To this end, the cleaning method is one of the characteristics of the bag-type dust collector, and also an important part in the operation of the bag filter.

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