Energy Efficiency Of Ultraviolet Sterilizer

- Aug 02, 2017 -

The total energy efficiency of ultraviolet lamp sterilization system is the product of the following efficiency.

1. Electrical efficiency

The germicidal band power emitted by the ultraviolet lamp accounts for the proportion of the total electricity consumption of the lamp and ballast.

2. The proportion of germicidal light to the power of sterilization band

This item is specifically for reflective reactors. This is because the reflection occurs on the interface of the media when light travels through two different media. When designing ultraviolet ray equipment, the light incident angle should be taken into account to minimize the loss of reflected light.

3. Proportion of incident light in the medium for actual sterilization

Depends on the absorption property of the medium, the concentration of microorganism, the length of light path, the radiation dose and the flow state. The value is very low, so it is often used to describe the minimum radiation dose in the macroscopic.

In the design of ultraviolet sterilization device, should pay attention to the actual sterilization of the ultraviolet radiation required by the power of the band, the choice of suitable ultraviolet lamp form, and the relevant technical and economic comparison. At present, the comparison of germicidal efficacy of various lamps lacks a method of weight analysis according to the radiation wavelength measurement, the radiation Dose index, which is only measured by the radiation power of the unit area, is not complete, and must be combined with the radiation wavelength, the thickness of the water layer, the quality and the operating environment factors, and the design of the lamp type and the reactor are considered in terms of construction, economy and maintenance conditions.

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