Classification Of Filter Bags

- Aug 02, 2017 -

1, according to the shape of the filter bag cross-section is divided into: flat-shaped bag (trapezoidal and flat-shaped) and round bags (cylindrical).

2, according to the way in and out of the wind into: The Wind on the wind and upward wind and direct-flow (only plate-like flat bag).

3, according to filter bag filtration methods are divided into: external filter and internal filter.

4, according to the use of filter bag environment and temperature-resistant procedures are divided into: room temperature, moderate and high temperature.

Filter material with fiber, cotton, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber, the different fiber woven filter material has different properties. Commonly used filter material has 208 or 901 polyester round flannel, the use of temperature generally no more than 120 ℃, through the silicone resin treatment of glass fiber filter bag, the use of temperature is generally not more than 250 ℃, cotton wool fabric generally applicable to no corrosion, the temperature in 80-90 ℃ the following dust-containing gases.

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