UV sterilizer

- Jan 19, 2018 -

            UV sterilizer

Overview: Ultraviolet sterilizer was found in 1801, through research, develop, test, now it is widely used. Ultraviolet is a kind of light wave that cannot seen by eyes, exist in the outside of UV sterilizer. It is a kind of light wave, depend on different lengths of wave, divided into A/B/C thin band. UV effectiveness is 253.7nm.—Guangdong HT Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.


Name: Pipe stream ultraviolet sterilizer

Material: Stainless steel304/316/316L

Sterilizing rate: 99%

Rated voltage: 220V±5%AC     Frequency:50HZ         Bearing pressure: 0.6-1.0MPA

Range of application: various kinds liquids (tap water, purified water, waste water, seawater) and air sterilization field, suitable for all kinds of disinfection requirements.



1.       Ultraviolet ray cannot light to skin directly

2.       Work temp and humidity requirement of ultraviolet: more than 20℃,stable lighting intensity; between 5-20℃,lighting intensity increasing when temp rise, below relative humidity 60%, sterilizer has good performance, humidity up to 90%, ultraviolet sterilizer decline 30%-40%

3.       The thickness of water should be less than 2cm, 90000UW.S/cm² accepted when water flowing, water can reach to effective disinfection when meet to the lighting conditions.

4.       It will hinder the ultraviolet passing when dust and oil dirt in the surface of UV lamp and drive pipe. The surface should be cleaning by alcohol, acetone, ammonium hydroxide once two weeks.

5.       Because of high terminal voltage, it will take minutes to warm up to a steady state when the tube started. It is hard to start when restart immediately after closing. The operation is easier to damage and reduce the using life of lamp. Do not start frequently.


1.       Check the UV sterilizer after working 4-5weeks, notice whether unusual things happen as follow situations.

2.       The wire or plug abnormal heating, having a burnt smell.

3.       Notice leaking by the part of pipeline, connector, and ends of quartz tube.

4.       Indicator light and lamp whether it work normal or not.

5.       The low rate of sterilizing(consider change the lamp).

6.       Other unusual fault.


Main application

1.       water purifying and disinfection: tap water, secondary water supply, direct drinking water, purified water, aquaculture, seafood, beverage, medical water, electronic high purity water

2.       sewage disinfection: municipal wastewater

3.       recycled water: swimming pool, landscape water, industrial recycling cooling water

4.       shellfish, agricultural irrigation water, algae removal

5.       water sterilization in military base, outwork, plane, ship, submarine

6.       air sterilization in central air conditioning system

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