Titanium Rod Filter

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Titanium rod Filter with corrosion resistance, high temperature, strength, filter precision easy to ensure, easy to regenerate and other outstanding performance;

Titanium filter is formed by titanium powder, high temperature sintering, so the surface particles are not easy to fall off; the use of air in the temperature can reach 500~600℃, suitable for various corrosive media filtration, such as:, hydroxide, seawater, aqua regia and iron, copper, sodium and other chloride solution filtration. 

It has excellent mechanical properties, can be cutting, welding, such as machining, compressive strength, the maximum damage to the internal pressure of up to 2MPa; its filtration accuracy is easy to guarantee, even at high temperature and pressure, the aperture will not occur deformation. Its porosity can reach 35~45%, the pore size distribution is uniform, the amount of pollutant is large, and the regeneration method is simple, and can be reused after regeneration.

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