The position of bag filter housing easy to damaged

- Sep 04, 2018 -

1.       The position of filter bag collar

The filter bag collar damaged position down within 30-40 inches, show as filter material blow or fall off in the bottom. It’s caused by high compressed air, deflecting spray pipe and deformation of flower plate. Pay attention to the quality during the installation process.

2.       The position of filter bag body

The contact part between the filter bag and the frame is worn by the impulse blow, pay attention to the size of the filter bag and skeleton, and the surface finish of the dusting skeleton, etc.

3.       The position of filter bag bottom

It’s common that the abrasion of the bottom of filter bag. The bag cage only can support part of the bottom of the bag because of the bottom of the bag cage is too small or the filter bag is too long. Excessive filtering action causes abrasion on the inner side of the filter bag.

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