The main advantages of the filter

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Bag Filter Advantages:

1. Bag Filter has compact structure and reasonable size.The installation and operation is simple and convenient, and the floor area is small.  

2.bag filter with high filtration accuracy, suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids, the filtration range can be from 0.5~200 Micron. The processing flow of

3.unit filtration area is larger, the filtration resistance is small and the filtration efficiency is high.A liquid filter bag filtering function is equivalent to the filter $number times, can greatly reduce costs, design flow can meet 1~500m3/h requirements, low-cost cost.

4.bag filter is widely used for coarse filtration, medium filtration or fine filtration. In the case of achieving the same filtration effect, the comparison of the plate-frame filter, filter filter and other equipment has the advantages of low investment cost, long service life and low filtration cost.  

5.The has high filtration precision, large filtration processing capacity, low cost, high efficiency and so on. 

6.Liquid Bag Filter free of cleaning, the replacement of liquid filter bag can be completed within 30 seconds, convenient and efficient, provincial labor. 

7.Liquid Bag Filter Complete specifications, low pressure type, side-entry, top-entry, multi-bag, horizontal.

8.Single Bag filter has: No. 1th machine, No. 2nd, No. 3rd, No. 4th, No. 5th machine. 

9.bag filter can meet different flow of filtration requirements. 

10.bag filter material includes stainless steel SUS304, SUS316, sus316l.

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