The characteristics of bag filter housing in operation technology

- Jan 22, 2018 -

The characteristics of bag filter housing in operation technology


Bag filter housing is a professional equipment of liquid filtration, it can effectively remove different particles in liquid, achieve the purpose of liquid filtration, purification, separation and recycle. Bag filter housing consists of three parts, tank, supported basket and filter bag. The liquid enters through the side or bottom of the housing, pushed in the filter bag that supported by basket, the filter bag is expanded by the impact of the liquid and uniform pressure, the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the filter bag, the liquid through the filter bag runs along the supported basket and drain out of the outlet at the bottom of filter housing. Impurities are trapped in the filter bag, the filtration process is completion. In order to maintain the efficiency and precision and ensure that the downstream liquid is not contaminated, after running for a while, we should stop the operate, open the cap, remove the impurities and filter bag, change new filter bag, the replacement of filter bag depend on the actual situation.


The bag filter housing is simple to operate, only install the needed filter bag in the tank, checked the seal ring is in good condition, it can work after the eye bolts tightened. After pump start, the pressure gauge on the filter is slightly raising, initial pressure is about 0.05MPa, with long using time, the impurities in the tank gradually increased. When the pressure meet to 0.4MPa, should be open the cap, check the impurities in the filter bag, continue to use after replace the filter bag.

The bag filter housing is applicable to solid liquid separated field in food and beverage (edible fat and oil, soda water, beverage, beer, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar and so on), water treatment (city water supply, industry water, seawater, river, mineral water, oilfield flooding, condensed water in power plant, ion exchange resin recycle), medicine, electronic industry, petrochemical, automobile, paints, ink and viscose, metal processing, chemical, textile industry.

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