Stainless Steel High Flow Depth Cartridge (bag) Sanitary Lenticular Filter Housing

- May 17, 2018 -

Basic Info

·         Model NO.: Filter housing

·         Application: Wine &Beer

·         Trademark: OEM

·         Origin: China

·         Transport Package: Plywood Case


Product Description

Stainless Steel high flow Depth Cartridge(bag) Sanitary Filter Housing

Introduction of filter housing 

  1. Filter Housing is used in the pre filtration process in wine or beer industrial, Lenticular filter wine is now an alternative to the traditional plate and frame filter. Compared with plate and frame filter , Lenticular filter housing have the absolute advantage of no leakage (product loss), and is more hygienic since it is fully enclosed.

   HT's Lenticular filter housing (Stacked disc filter housing) is designed to suit the most popular lenticular filter module (Stacked disc filter module) by Pall, CUNO, EATON BEGEROW, SATORIOUS. For both DOE(Open on double), and Double O-ring, Plug in module. Our Standard filter design is for 272mm height. 12" or 16" Filter module.

  The lenticular beer and wine filter housings are all made of food grade 316L (or 304) Stainless steel. With a surface finish mirror polish Ra<0.4um(<20 Ra), Electric Polish (EP) as an option. 

2.Introduction of high flow filter housing 
High Flow Series Filter Housings are 33% to 50% smaller than competitively sized housings for a given flow rate Robust cartridge center-post design eliminates bulky support plates providing easy access to housing internals Hinged cover (horizontal units) or user-friendly cover lifting device (vertical units) for easy element change-outs
Our high flow series filter housings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 1 to 7 filter elements in both 40-inch and 60-inch lengths. Choose the horizontal option to maximize ease of operation, or the vertical to minimize the system's footprint.
Our housings are designed with features that make them easy to use and streamline processes. Spend less time cleaning thanks to removable cartridge posts that lift out for easy cleaning, which helps maintain cleaner systems and longer product life. To help ensure against bypass, leaks, and maintain system pressure, shouldered seal plates fit solidly into the cartridge core for a positive cartridge seal. Housing drains for both sludge and clean chambers feature drain couplings for easy draining. An air vent facilitates effective venting before start up or draining.

3.Introduction of the bag filter housing 

The Bag Filter is the most commonly used bag filter unit in the oilfield industry. 
For filter bags sizes 01, 02, 03 and 04.

Easy open by Swing bolts friendly operation with minimal downtime for bag change-outs. Reduces downtime to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

Material Construction  : Stainless Steel 304 ,Stainless steel 316L ,Carbon steel

bag filter options :
Can be Single cavity housings or Multi-round.
Steam Jacket could be designed
Custom made service


Introduction of Sanitary cartridge Filter housing
Sanitary cartridge filter housings are engineered to give customers a complete modular solution with excellent drainability and cleanability features. Our machining and polishing processes are optimized to yield a consistent fit and finish that is superior in the industry. All wetted materials of construction are 316L stainless steel, and silicone gaskets are standard.
Sanitary Single and Multiple Cartridges Filter Housings Innovative Design Enhances Cleanability and Microbiological Safety due to Crevice-Free, Polish and Hygienic Design
Single or Multiple Cartridges Sanitary Filter Housings 
Available - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15 pcs Round Models for 10", 20" .30" and 40"Cartridges 
0.25 RA Electropolished Finish for Head and Elbows and inlet and Outlet are Connections from 1" to 3", 316 and 316L Stainless Steel Materials of Construction are Available.
Sealing Systems Available for 226 or 222 O-ring Cartridges or DOE cartridges 
Sanitary Filter housing application 
This sanitary filter housing is used for the clarification, sterilization and high purity filtration of liquids or gases, 
It is used for  pharmaceutical, biotech, biological, food and beverage process filtration applications.


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