Operation of small mechanical filter

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Operation of small mechanical filter

1.       Take out the seal ring before using the new filter. and then soak it in 10% sodium hydroxide, made the oil contamination saponification, then clean repeatedly with water until it is completely clean. (The filter used for aseptic technique should be sterilized.)

2.       Place the filter membrane lightly on the cleaned filter bottom plate, and then cover lid with the filter, tighten the bolts.

3.       Preheat only at low temperature36 before adding the liquid, due to the inherent factors of heat transfer and thermal imbalance, the temperature gauge showed 36-58.

4.       Preheat temperature meet to the requirement for filtering liquid is not coagulated, add the liquid need filtering, at this point, the control box is raised to the required temperature, when the selected temperature is reached, the heating system will automatically cut off the power supply.

5.       When preheat completed, seal the lid, open the pressure inlet valve, gradually pressurized from0.05-0.1-0.2-0.3Mpa, the liquid is expelled from the down outlet.

6.       When pressurized to 0.3Mpa, non-discharged liquid from outlet, it is meaning the filter membrane has been blocked or the filter membrane precision is too high, need to adjust the precision of the filter membrane.

7.       After filtering, close pressure valve first, make sure the pressure gauge return to 0,then open the lid to take out the material.

8.       When the filter is not under pressure, open the upper lid will see the solids on the filter membrane, take out the solid, a filtration cycle is completed.


Fault handing

The liquid escapes from the bottom of the filter, indicates that the screw at the bottom of the filter is not tightened or the screws are unevenly balanced. Symmetrical force when rotate the screws.

There are two situations of membrane damage and dissolving: one is excess pressure, beyond the pressure range of the filter membrane. The second is the filter liquid and the membrane material dissolved.

Positive pressure filter belongs to seal filter, the pressure gauge, inlet valve, discharge pipe and joint should be sealed. Otherwise, it is easy to overflow and pressure loss so that hard to achieve the filter effect.

The seal ring is low-cost consumable, before filter experiment, check that the seal ring is in good condition, if not, replacing the seal ring please.


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The core of the membrane filter is the filter membrane. There are many materials to make the membrane, divided into organic membrane and inorganic membrane.

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