Multi-media filter and active carbon filter

- Sep 04, 2018 -

There are various filters in water treatment industry, including multi-media filter, active carbon filter, precision filter, manganese sand filter, quartz sand filter, etc. The difference between multi-media filter and activated carbon filter as follows:

1.       Multi-media filter, a kind mechanical filter filled with more than two filter materials. In water treatment field, common filter media of multi-media filter contains: anthracite, ceramsite, quartz sand, active carbon and so on. Through combination of filter materials, multi-media filter has multiple functions, it is widely used.

2.       Active carbon filter, a kind mechanical filter filled with activated carbon. Activated carbon is a very small carbon granule, the unit area has large micropore, also called capillary bore. It’s has strong adsorption capacity, contacted with the impurity in water, the impurity attached to the pores, thus remove impurity such as colloids in water. Activated carbon can also adsorb CL ions and organics in water and ozone. It can obviously adsorb the pigment in water, usually used for drinking water treatment.


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