Information of HT 50 micron filter bag

- Dec 29, 2018 -

 Information of 50 micron filter bag:


Common width of 50 micron filter bag: 1.68m, 1.8m or custom made


Port of shipment of 50 micron filter bag: Guangzhou


The payment of 50 micron filter bag: We prefer T/T and L/C


The sample of 50 micron filter bag: We can provide the sample of 50 micron filter bag for free, but customer have to pay for the postage.


We provide the high quality 50 micron filter bag at the competitive price. The 50 micron filter bagcould be customized made. For more information about 50 micron filter bag, please contact us


Any questions of 50 micron filter bag and the liquid housing, pls kindly let us know anytime! Please check more information at our website

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