HT-UV sterilizers

- Nov 24, 2018 -

HT-UV sterilizers

UV sterilization wave band is mainly between 200nm and 300nm, the band of 253.7nm is the strongest to sterilize. When all kinds of bacteria and virus in water or air go through the UV rays (253.7nm) Irradiation area, UV rays penetrate microbial cell membrane and nucleus, destroy the molecular link of DNA or RNA, which then kills all bacteria and virus in the water or air without using any chemicals or drugs. UV sterilization technology is the latest disinfection technology, which sprung up at the end of 1990s.


1.UV sterilizers use the 304# stainless steel inside and outside.

2.The main internal and external are polished to enhance the UV irradiance

Assembling with the high purity quartz tube, matching with the appropriation uv lamp tube for water treatment, sterilization strong, long time, stable and reliable operation, it’s bactericidal efficiency is more than 99%.

3.Lifetime is more than 8000 hours.

4.Widely applied in medicine, food, drink, life, life and electronics and other fields.


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