HT Stainless Steel304 Single Bag Filter Housing

- Dec 14, 2018 -

HT Stainless Steel304 Single Bag Filter Housing

Working principle
The bag filte is supported by the stainless steel mesh inside. The liquid flows into the chamber via inlet and go through the filter bag. The impurities will be blocked in th filter bag. The filter bag can be reused repeatedly after washing or cleaning. And also the filter bag is easy to change. With no material consumption, this filter has low operation cost.

Chemical industry, pharmacy, automobile industry, light industry, food industry, electroplating industry, etc.

  • High Capacity with samll size

  • Labor saving: easy to replace filter bay, no need to clean the filter

  • Cost saving: filter bag can be used repeatedly after cleaning

  • High precision: can be reached o.5μm

  • Low leakage risk which ensures high filtering quality

  • Energy saving: high working pressure, low pressure loss and low operation cost

  • Wide application, flexible use and various installation method for choice


  • Max capacity is the reference value based on water test, the actual value can be different because of liquid viscosity, solid content and pressure difference

  • The material can be carbon steel, ss304 and ss316L

  • ring's material can be customized per customer requirement to meet the material needed to be fitlered

  • The lock method can be clamp type, hasp type and lifiting lug type

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