HT Stainless Steel Duplex Bag Filter Housing

- Oct 31, 2018 -

HT Stainless Steel Duplex Bag Filter Housing

Product Introduction
HT-Stainless Steel Duplex Bag Filter Housing were consisted of two Top-Flow bag  filter housing fitted together at the inlet and outlet by either a butterfly or ball valve assembly. The valves assembly. The valves were connected together by a return handle so as to operate easily from one bag filter housing to other bag filter housing. The filtration process can flow continuously during bag change-out.

Structure and working principle
Bag type filter is a pressure filtration device ,which is mainly consists of filtration cylinder,cylinder cover and fast open structure,stainless steel strengthen filtration bag,etc.when filtrate flows from side entrance of filter shell  into the pipe bag,The bag itself is installed inside the enhanced basket ,liquid penetrates bag with required fineness grade that can be provided with qualified filtrate,impurity particles were bag intercept.It is very easy to replace the filtration bags,there is hardly no material to be consumed.

main advantages

  • Small probability for side-bag leakage , which effectively guarantee the filtering quality.

  • Bag type filter can bear greater working pressure, it is of small pressure loss,low operation cost and obvious energy  saving .

  • Accuracy of filtration bag increased continuously, it could reach 0.5 μm at most.

  • Bag type filter large handling capacity, small volume, containing a large quantity of pollutants.

  • Based on the working principle and structure of Bag type filtering system,which is convenient  to replace the filter bag and without cleaning,and time saving and labor saving.

  • Filtration bag could be use repeated after cleaning to save cost.

  • bag filter application scope is broad, with flexible operation and multiple installation 


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