HT-Size 2-10 Micron PP Liquid Filter Bag

- Nov 07, 2018 -

HT-Size 2-10 Micron PP Liquid Filter Bag

HT-Size 2-10 Micron PP Liquid Filter Bag  have a lower fiber release, more defined pore size and greater retention efficiency than other filter media(filter bag). Liquid PP filter bag offer high efficiency filtration and have a high solids catch capacity. MLD  produce micron Polypropylene filter bags have their outside surface singed or glazed to prevent fabric fiber from the bag getting into the clean,filter process media. Micron PP filter bags are generally compatible with most fluids except those considered aromatic solvents or strongly alkaline.Liquid PP filter fabric(liquid PP filter bags) are recommended for prefiltering acids,aqueous and most solvent solutions.


* Pre- Filter for drinking water treatment


* Food and beverage


* Pharmaceuticals


* Filtration of industry water

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