HT PE Filter Bag

- Sep 11, 2018 -

HT PE filter bag                        

1.The bag filters in polypropylene, polyester and nylon, offered with heavy-duty double stitching, are the affordable, reliable and consistent filter of choice.
2. Most popular for high-flow, general purpose applications.
3. Polypropylene neck ring, 304 stainless steel ring available. 
4. A single fabric handle across the diameter of the neck aids easy to removal. 
5. High temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, good hydrolysis stability, high filtration efficiency, durability. 

1. Air filter cartridge, with Nylon, PE, Teflon,Nomex material;
2. Good resistance for the chemical corrosion: Anti acid and alkali, hardly corrosion.
3. Excellent high temperature resistance: continuous operating temperature can reach 204 
degree, temperature peak up to 240 degree.
4. Fire retardant property: Carbonization up to 400 degree, no spontaneous or natural 
5. High stability of dimension :Only 1 percent flexibility at the temperature of 230, with 
excellent high temperature stability.
Main Application:
Applied to metal smelting, coking plant, cement factory, wood factory, foundry, and the other heavy polluting industry,etc.

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