HT Nomex Filter Cloth Nomex Filter Bag

- Jan 25, 2019 -

HT Nomex Filter Cloth Nomex Filter Bag


HT Nomex Filter Bag Made of Nomex Filter Cloth. Nomex Needle Felt is the most high cost effective dust collector filter bags for high temperature working condition dust filtration sytem in different industries .

The feature of Nomex Needle Felt Filter cloth :
Working temperature : 190 degree C 
Instand peak temperature : 210 degree C .
Chemical Treatment: PTFE coating , Teflon Coating , Water and oil proof treatment , PTFE membrane .

Application : 

Asphalt Mixing plant bag filter system  
Cement plant , air pollution control 

Metal smelting furnace dust extraction system , Foundary , steel plant , Aluminium plant , leads plant ,etc.


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