HT basket strainer

- Dec 08, 2018 -

HT basket strainer

The various types of filters,filter are all made of stainless steel,Working pressure:16,25,40Kgf/cm² three kind,Shell material have stainless steel. In general the calculation under nominal flow rate the pressure loss of 0.052 to 0.12m water column.

General situation

The basket type filter is a leader in the filter,it has high technical requirement than other filters,Mainly used for pipeline,deal with the high precision liquid tube.

Operational principle

The filter design is reasonable,easy to use,you can open the lid with filter to eliminate dirt,without dirt in the pipe,Filter with 40-200 mesh.

Direction for use

Before installation,check the product has no loose screw,pollutants are not into the filter,This product must be installed pipe outlet(not before the pump).Install on note to mark,must be regular cleaning of the filter screen during the usage.


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