High Quality Anti-Water/ Oil Proof/ PTFE Processing Dust Filter Bag

- Dec 21, 2018 -

High Quality Anti-Static/ Anti-Water/ Oil Proof/ PTFE Film Processing Dust Filter Bag

HT choose different type fineness polyester fiber make into the gradient type structure filter material,make the product not only have the common felt's advantage of high voidage,good air permeability.high dust collecting effciency,long service life,etc.But also have the advantage of the moderate temperature.rating,can reach 150ºC at the moment,moderate effect of the antiantacid and antialkai,and has very good.abrasion resistance.Weight from 350g/m²-600 g/m²,thickness from 1mm to 4mm,width below 2.5meters,such cloth our factory all could produce,and can be cut to various width,just as your mind request.

  Technical Parameters
Product NamePolyester (PET)
Weight500±5%  g/m²
Thickness1.8±10%  mm
Air Permeability      12    m³/ m²/min
Breaking StrengthWarp       >1200  N/50*200mm

Weft       >1600  N/50*200mm
Breaking ElongationWarp          <30    %

Weft          <45    %
Working TemperatureContinuous          130     ºC

Instant          150     ºC
Finish TreatmentSingeing  Calendering   Laminating  Oil&Water Repellent

Material: Polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt, nylon monofilament mesh, polyester mesh
Micron rating: 0.5 -1000
Construction: Weled or sewn
Collar type: Steel ring or plastic ring
Served industries:
Chemical industry, adhesive industry, paints industry, petrochemical industry, resin industry, cosmetic industry, etc.


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