Filter bag of bag filter housing material selection and replace time

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Filter bag of bag filter housing material selection and replace time

We choose filtering mode, including depth filtration, surface filtration) according to the actual requirement of filtration process, and select the material of filter bag. And the size of filter bag depends on filter flow rate, medium viscosity, filter precision.

Different filter bag materials of bag filter housing have different filter methods, filter efficiency, filter precision. When the temperature, viscosity, flow rate, filtrate quality and impurity change, the filtering effect will change even if use the same filter materials. Please choose suitable filter material according to the actual working conditions.

Chemical compatibility of filter material

There are many kinds of filter materials and different materials, filtrates have different physical and chemical properties. In the process of filtering, the filter must be compatible with it and cannot chemical reaction. The filter material must face the same pressure and temperature change as the filtrate. The filter material should be able to maintain its fixed structure, the aperture does not change, cannot soften, break or release the composition, so as to provide a stable and uniform filtering quality.

Filter bag replace time

There are two ways to determine when to change the filter bag:

1.       According to experience

2.       The pressure gauge is installed on the inlet and outlet pipe of the bag filter housing, according the differential pressure to replace the filter bag. When the differential pressure to 0.5-1kg/cm², the filter bag should be replaced.

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