Fiberglass Pleated Membrane Filter Cartridge

- Jun 23, 2018 -

Product Description

  • Model NO.: HT

  • Application: Industry, Food and Beverage

  • Filter Connector: 222 Connector

  • Trademark: HT

  • Origin: Guangzhou,China

  • Material: Chemical Fiber

  • Type: Folding Microporous Filter

  • Activated Carbon Filter Type: Compact

  • Transport Package: We Can Package It According to Your Requireme

HT series filter adopts superfine glass fiber materials, with large pollutants holding capacity and the inherent adsorption ability, especially suitable for filtering with colloid, oils and high content of liquid with particulate matter. Made of super fine glass fiber, low starting pressure difference, high flow capacity, long service life, interception efficiency can reach above 98%.
Performance features
limited dissolved matter, high adsorption effect.
Environmental waste water filtration, ink filtration, oil field water injection filtration, wine, soft drinks filtration

Technical parameter.

Filter cartridge structureFilter area0.6
Filter membraneGlass fiber
Guide layerImported Nonwoven
Inner support,cap,shellPP, stainless steel
Seal ring materialSilicone rubber,Viton,EPDM,PTFE
Outer diameter50mm,68mm
Working situationWorking temperature≤90ºC
Maximum working pressure difference(Forward direction)0.4Mpa/23ºC

Product type guide

HTFiltration AccuracyLengthConnection TypeSeal ring material

0030=0.3μm05=5"2=222S=Silicone rubber



0300=3μm30=30"DOE/SOE=Flat head with gasketV=Viton

0500=5μm40=40"2G=222 steel lining

6G=226 steel lining

HT Series-Glass fiber air filter cartridge
Product Description
HT series filter cartridge adopts composite glass fiber filter membrane,use long fiber composite non-woven as protection layer, prevent fall off, which causing secondary pollution.

Performance features
Limited dissolved matter,high adsorption features.

Pre-filtration of compressed air.
Fermentation air filtration.


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