Development history of the filtration

- Aug 02, 2017 -

In ancient China, the application of filtration technology in production, the year before the 200, the production of plant fiber paper. Cai LUN 105 AD improved the Papermaking method. In the process of papermaking, he swung the cellulose pulp on the dense fine bamboo curtains. Water through the bamboo curtain gap filter, a thin layer of wet pulp left on the bamboo curtain surface, dry, the paper.

Most of the earliest filtration was gravitational filtration, and later the filtration speed was enhanced by pressurized filtration, and then vacuum filtration was introduced. The rotary drum vacuum filter invented at the beginning of 20th century realizes the continuous filtration operation. Thereafter, successive filters of various types appear successively. Intermittent operation of the filter (such as the plate-frame pressure filter, etc.) has been able to automate the development of the operation, the filter area is getting larger. For the residue with low moisture content, the filter for mechanical squeezing has been developed.

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