Code for change of cartridge

- Aug 02, 2017 -

1 receive the replacement of the cartridge production instructions, confirm that the system has ceased to operate.

2 Ready to fit the filter (specifications, materials, size, O-ring material, model, etc.), disassembly tools, collecting barrels, rags and so on.

3 thoroughly cleans the filter housing, clears the filter periphery, leaves the operation area. with good protective equipment.

4 will need to replace the filter, disconnect from the system. Slowly open the top of the filter vent, to its unloading pressure, the process of attention to safety, prevent the material or liquid splash.

5 emptying the filter material, with the tool to open the filter cover, remove the filter, and plastic bag will be ready to scrap the filter.

6 with clean tools and dishcloth, the filter inside clean and clean, to install new filter.

7. Open the plastic bag at one end of the cartridge to check if the O ring is intact and in position.

8 The inflow of the material, according to the external flow from the filter, the method of internal flow from the filter installation.

9 Moist o-rings and cartridge jacks with suitable wetting agents (e.g. water) hand-held filter near the O-ring end, vertical cartridge socket completely inserted into the cartridge socket, the filter cartridge inserted, remove the filter cartridge, and then the metal cover shell installed, with tools to tighten the filter.

10 Close the filter drain nozzle, open the top of the shell valve, slightly open the inlet valve, so that the material into the shell, until the liquid from the top of the housing discharge valve overflow, and then close the release valve. Pay attention to check the Disassembly department, whether there is leakage.

11 slowly open the filter exit valve until fully open. Indicates that the replacement is complete;

12 will replace the tools and cleaning tools to clear away. Clean the surroundings.

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