Bag filter housing

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Bag filter housing

1.       construction and working principle

HT bag filter housing is a kind filtering equipment with new construction, small size, simple operate, energy conservation, efficient, flexibility.

HT bag filter housing is a pressure filtering device, composed of barrel, cover, quick open unit, stainless steel mesh. The liquid flows from side inlet to filter bag, filter bag is placed in the strengthen basket. After flowing the filter bag, obtained the qualified filter liquid, and the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag.


The probability of leakage is small, the filter quality is guaranteed.

HT bag filter housing has more working pressure, small loss of pressure, low operating cost, energy-saving effective.

HT filter bag filtering precision is continuously improved, reach to 0.5μm now.

Large treatment capacity, small size, large capacity volume

Easy to change the filter bag, No-clean of the housing, saving work time

The filter bag can be reused after cleaning, saving cost

Wide range of application, flexible to use, various installation methods


2.       Specification and feature

Bag filter housing: single bag filter housing, multi bag filter housing and heat preservation jacket filter housing

Bag filter housing is suit for large flow filter , it can hold more impurities, also suit for the situation that the filter bag is replaced after a long time. The max flow rate is 90-1080m³/h. because the quick open design, maintenance is very convenient.

Multi bag filter housing is suit for large flow filtering, include 2bags to 24 bags.

Supply CS carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316, suit for various acid or alkali liquid, solvent and neutral liquid. Adopt high grade design specification, ensure enough corrosion allowance and maximum reliability. Choose No.01, 02 filter bag or filter basket, it is very convenient to replace the filter bag.

The heat preservation jacket filter housing has double structure, interlayer can pass steam or heat oil to keep or improve the temp of liquid, prevent fluid solidification, improve the filtration rate of the viscous liquid, or meet the temperature requirements of the next procedure. Because of under pressure of 10kg, anticorrosion painting in the inner surface, it is satisfied with different customer and requirement.

Piping design fluently, low pressure loss, more energy efficient, excellent seal design, with patent ring, overcome the side leakage of traditional filter. It has quick open design, easy maintenance.


3.       Main application

Paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum, textile chemical, photographic chemical, electroplate liquid, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, emulsion, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, industrial wastewater, fruit juice, cooking oil, wax and so on.

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